I-Say Survey Review: Get Social and Share Opinions for Free Cash

If you’ve had an interest in online surveys, then you’ve likely heard of Ipsos i-Say. It’s one of the most popular and oldest survey sites, so it usually ends up on roundups of similar sites.

I’m one of those people who, no matter how popular a site is, I do a lot of research on it before I decide to join. That’s probably why you’re here, too, and if so, you’re in luck.

This post is going to break down everything I’ve learned about Ipsos i-Say over the several months that I’ve been a member, so you don’t have to do the legwork.

Hopefully, this information will help you decide if the survey panel is a good one for you to add to your list. Here’s a link to the site if you’re unfamiliar with it and want to look around:

What is Ipsos i-Say?

i-Say is an online community made by Ipsos, a market research company just like the many others that create online survey websites.

When you take surveys here, you’ll share your opinions with companies that partner with Ipsos to learn more about people like you and their interests, households, or habits.

Any information you share is used for the sole purpose of informing these companies to help shape their products, services, advertising, etc.

Ipsos has been around since 1975, and i-Say has existed for several years on the web. The company is global, operating in over 80 countries, so it works with a wide range of businesses and industries.

The surveys here can be varied, covering an array of topics to keep things interesting.

How Does it Work?

i-Say isn’t quite like other survey sites you might be used to. Ipsos makes its website more of a community, offering a fun social aspect that lets you interact with other members from all over the world.

Members can respond to polls from other members or from Ipsos i-Say, not only by giving an answer to the question but also by leaving a comment to the poster or other members who’ve responded.

You can also create your own polls on any subject within the site’s guidelines. Your question can be one that asks for advice or is just there to entertain – the choice is yours.

Members can also go straight to paid surveys and focus on them without getting involved in polls. You’ll answer questions posed by partnered companies to help them learn more about their ideal consumers.

Like most survey sites, i-Say also has a referral program and other ways of making some extra cash in addition to surveys.

Who Can Join the Site?

To become a member and participate, you’ll need to be 18 years or older. People from several countries can join the site, but those in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada tend to have the best opportunities to earn.

Most of the surveys are for native English speakers and most polls are also in English.

In What Ways Can You Earn with Ipsos i-Say?

Although Ipsos i-Say is mostly a community for paid surveys, there are some other ways to earn points, giving you a chance to reach your minimum payout amount faster.


Let’s first talk about the surveys. I-Say has a wide variety of topics it covers in its surveys, from gathering your opinions on health insurance to taking note of the things you shop for most.

When you sign up, you’ll need to take a couple of profile surveys that help the site match you with future survey opportunities by storing your demographic information.

Like most online surveys, you’ll need to answer some qualification questions before you can move to the full survey. If you don’t qualify for the survey, you’ll get a few points to reward you for your time anyway.

Most regular surveys pay in the range of 25 to 100 points, depending on their length.


Members can occasionally participate in contests to get more points in their account. The following are the types of different contests i-Say offers:

  • Click Draw: When you take a survey, you’ll automatically get an entry into the Click Draw. I-Say randomly picks ten winners for 5,000 points each, every four months.
  • Sweepstakes: Throughout the year, the site hosts different sweepstakes where members can win exciting prizes. You’ll need to use some points for an entry for the prize you want.
  • Poll Predictor: After completing surveys, you can opt to participate in Poll Predictor, which lets you guess the percentage of members who answered a certain way. If you’re close to the correct answer, you’ll get extra entries for sweepstakes or prize draws.
  • Lucky Grand Draw: After redeeming a reward, you’ll get an entry for this drawing, where five members get chosen every four months to get $1,000.
  • Exchange for Education: i-Say hosts this giveaway to help members pay for college by giving away $5,000 to three winners. You’ll need to use 200 points for an entry.


You’ll find polls on your dashboard. Both Ipsos i-Say and its members can create polls. Polls don’t directly give you points, but they can help you win cash and prizes.

After you take a survey, you’ll have a chance to play Poll Predictor. The answers for this game come from the answers people give on polls, so by participating in polls, you’re providing members like yourself with more chances to win.

The closer you get to the right percentage, the more chances you’ll earn for sweepstakes!

Loyalty Program

The Loyalty Program rewards members for their participation in surveys. The more you take, the higher your place in the program, and the bigger bonuses you’ll get.

Once you take five surveys, you’ll be in the first tier of the Loyalty Program and will get 25 bonus points in your account.

Every time you reach a new tier, you’ll get a higher bonus. After 75 surveys, you’ll get a 250-point bonus. The only downside is that your survey number is only good for the current calendar year.

On January 1st, the number resets, so you’ll go back down to the first tier of bonus points.


Like most survey sites, Ipsos i-Say has a referral program that gives you points for inviting your friends and family. The referral system on i-Say is, admittedly, a bit outdated.

Currently, you can only invite people using their email addresses. If you don’t have an email for someone, you won’t be able to get them on your team and get points.

For each active referral, you’ll get 100 points on i-Say, which equals about $1, depending on the prize you’re saving for. It’s not horrible, but it’s much lower than other sites that pay $5 or more for new members to join.

What are the Pros and Cons of Participating in Ipsos i-Say?

In my opinion, all survey and reward sites have positives and negatives, and Ipsos i-Say does too. Here are some of the things to consider before joining:

  • You’ll get points for surveys even if you don’t qualify
  • Get bonus points in your account for remaining active
  • Several ways to get points and prizes in addition to surveys
  • Excellent cash and prize sweepstakes are available
  • I-Say gives members a community feel, allowing them to interact with one another via polls
  • The site is clean and easy to navigate
  • Offers PayPal as a reward
  • Survey topics are varied, which is excellent for holding interest
  • Some members get 2 or 3 survey invites a day
  • You need to complete your profile before you can take surveys
  • You can only invite referrals by email
  • Points instead of cash
  • Low-paying referral system and surveys
  • The loyalty program gives few bonus points for the number of surveys you have to take
  • Slow-to-earn survey site
  • Surveys may be challenging to qualify for

How the Ipsos i-Say Payment System Works

Ipsos i-Say works with a point system where points are equivalent to cash when you’re ready to redeem them. I’ll admit that point systems aren’t my favorite.

I’d much rather know exactly how much I have in my account without needing to figure out how much my points convert to.

However, I don’t mind when point conversions are easy to figure out, like 1 point = $1. Ipsos i-Say isn’t quite that simple though.

Your points will have a different value depending on the prize you want. In most cases, 100 points equal about $1, but some prizes make your points worth less.

A $5 Amazon gift card requires 500 points (100 points = $1), while $15 PayPal cash requires 1530 points (100 points = about $0.98).

Surveys usually pay between 25 and 100 points, or about $0.25 to $1, while most hover around the 45 to 75-point range. It’s not a lot of money for each survey and some of them can be lengthy.

You do get paid a few points even if you don’t qualify for the full survey though.

Members should receive their survey points within a few minutes after they’ve completed the survey, so your account balance updates quickly.

With other tasks, like referrals and loyalty rewards, you may have to wait a day or so for points to credit after i-Say confirms them.

Available Prizes

I like that there is a good range of prizes to choose from on i-Say, including some of the most popular rewards like Amazon gift cards and PayPal cash.

Most members should easily find a reward that interests them. Prizes on Ipsos i-Say include gift cards and gift codes to:

  • iTunes
  • Facebook Games
  • Starbucks
  • Target
  • Visa Prepaid
  • Walmart
  • Darden Restaurants
  • Kohls
  • Bed Bath and Beyond
  • …and more!

Remember that you can also turn your points in for sweepstakes entries, which cost 200 points each. Ipsos occasionally changes the prizes, but some current ones include a pair of kids’ bikes, a grill, and a luggage set.

I-Say also has several donation rewards for charities like Habitat for Humanity and Trees for the Future, where your points can go toward a donation instead of a prize.

Another fun reward option is the i-Say Market. Turn in 1,000 points to turn them into gallery points, which you can use to shop on the Market, which is filled with music downloads, toys, electronics, and other fun items that you may want more than one of the regular reward catalog prizes.

Maximizing Your Earnings

Most reward and survey sites offer better rewards for some tasks than others, so optimizing your earnings won’t usually work the same way for all of them.

On Ipsos i-Say, actively participating in surveys and referring your friends are the best ways to rack up points as quickly as possible.

On average, members receive 8 survey invites a month on i-Say. I usually get 2 or 3 a week, so about 10 a month, and I qualify for nearly half of them.

In one month of taking surveys, I can make it to the first tier of the Loyalty Program, which is worth 25 bonus points.

In two months, I can make it to the second tier for 50 bonus points. It’s not a lot of points, but it’s free money just for remembering to take surveys, so don’t forget to keep an eye on your progress in the program.

Referring your friends gives you another 100 points each. Shoot for 10 friends a month and that’s an extra 1,000 points!

You can redeem prizes in the catalog for as little as 500 points (or 200 points for sweepstakes entries), so doing this can give you a prize every month.

Is Ipsos i-Say Worth Joining?

Want to know what other members of Ipsos i-Say think about it? Here are the most common things I’ve heard others say about the program:

Polls are Worth Taking

Polls don’t necessarily give you more money, but they’re an important part of the overall Ipsos i-Say program. When you take polls, you’re helping provide more accurate answers to the questions.

Since polls are what i-Say uses for the Poll Predictor game at the end of each survey, the more precise the answers, the better your chances of getting more entries for sweepstakes.

When you have some free time, answer some polls. Those with more participants will be easier for you to predict how you think people answered them, which can help your success in Poll Predictor.

It’s Tough to Qualify for Surveys

I understand where people are coming from with this complaint because I only match with about half the surveys I get invited to take.

Some members say they get 10 or so invites a month but can only qualify for 1 or 2 (and others qualify for zero). Yes, you get 5 points just for trying to qualify, but for 10 surveys a month, that’s still only 50 points.

People join because they want to take surveys, so constantly disqualifying can be disheartening. If you have this issue with i-Say, here are a couple pointers that might help:

  • Fill out your profile screeners. When you join, i-Say will keep reminding you to take profile surveys before you continue. These are important because they help the site learn more about you. I-Say will use that information to match you with surveys, which could help you get more invites to surveys for which you’ll qualify.
  • Be 100% honest. It can be tempting to skew your answers to a qualifying survey if you can tell the survey is looking for specific responses. It’s important to be truthful though. Qualifying surveys match your answers to what’s in your profile screeners, so i-Say will catch you if you fib.
  • Take your time. I know qualifying for a survey isn’t fun, but you should take your time doing it just as you would a regular survey. I-Say’s algorithm won’t let you continue with the full survey if it senses that you’re rushing through the qualifier.

The Pay Isn’t the Best

Ipsos i-Say is one of the oldest – and still one of the most popular – survey sites. Unfortunately, its survey payments haven’t yet caught up to newer sites that pay more.

Most members can expect an average of about $0.50 per survey, most of which take 15 to 20 minutes. That’s, at best, the equivalent of $2 per hour.

Survey sites aren’t intended to make you rich, but they are supposed to provide a way for you to get extra cash. You can do that with i-Say, but it’ll likely take you more time than with similar sites.

Is Ipsos i-Say a Legitimate Survey Site?

Yes, Ipsos i-Say is 100% legitimate. This survey site is one that I’ve heard about for a long time and have been a member of for several months.

I’ve gotten paid and have seen many discussions of other successful payments, so there’s no concern that i-Say won’t reward you for your time.

i-Say isn’t one of the best-paying sites of its kind on the web, but it does pay. Plus, with various sweepstakes and contests, members have more chances to win cash and prizes than from taking surveys alone.

Ready to Join Ipsos i-Say? Here’s How

Signing up for Ipsos i-Say is easy!

  1. Head to the website and click the Join Now! button.
  2. Complete the registration form with necessary information about you and your household and confirm your email address.
  3. Take the “Getting to Know You” Survey, which is a more in-depth profile screener that will help you match with future surveys. You’ll get a Click Draw entry for this.
  4. You’re now an official member and can start receiving survey invites to your inbox!

Final Thoughts

Ipsos i-Say may not be the highest-paying survey site, but it’s one of the most reliable. Members earn points and get paid on time and can participate in some other fun tasks and contests besides surveys.

The community feel is a fun aspect that sets i-Say apart from similar sites.

Have you tried Ipsos i-Say yet? We’d love to hear your thoughts. What do you like/dislike about it? How much have you made? Sound off in a comment below!

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